Providing truth, trust and traceability to MBSE

3.2.2: MBSE

Session Chair: Barclay Brown

Session Host: Barclay Brown

Adriana D’Souza (Airbus)
Larry Gurule (CMPIC / I-Infusion / SAE SMC/G33)
David Hetherington (Systems Strategy, inc)
Aleksander Przybylo (Boeing)

Mon 19, Jul 15:55-16:35 EDT
Configuration Management;MBSE;Traceability
3.2. Configuration Management; 5.1. Agile Systems Engineering; 5.3. MBSE & Digital Engineering;
The focus of the presentation will be to present and start a discussion on the benefits of applying appropriate configuration management to the model based systems engineering approach.
The presentation will first provide an insight into configuration management best practices by going through the five activities in configuration management:
- Configuration management planning
- Configuration Identification
- Configuration change management
- Configuration Status accounting
- Configuration Verification and audit
The presentation will then move to an exploration of the MBSE approach as well as the Digital twin and Digital System Model concepts.
We will then pursue to look at how appropriate CM is applied to the MBSE approach including the Digital twin alongside an example that was developed as a study by the Transportation Working Group. The aim will be to focus on Configuration Management advancements in the Software Engineering field (i.e. Git, CI/CD, DevSecOps, …) and how they can benefit MBSE by providing truth, trust and traceability of data throughout the system lifecycle.
Finally the presentation will reflect on the state of the art and future axes of development.
Adriana D’Souza
Adriana D’Souza (CSEP) is a Configuration Management Process Architect for Systems for Airbus, having previously worked as a Systems Architect and as a Design and Development Engineer on challenging and complex projects like large border security projects and air traffic management projects both at the subsystem, system and system of systems level in the Airbus. She was awarded an Honours M.Sc. in Computational Science and Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (Germany) and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Ovidius University of Constanta (Romania). Adriana is also a Certified Systems Engineering Professional with INCOSE.
Larry Gurule
A. Larry Gurule is the President of CMPIC LLC, lead instructor, and author of CMPIC’s course material. He has decades of experience in configuration management, including consulting, assessing, and teaching on the subject matter to a wide variety of organizations across the globe. Mr. Gurule is an active member in the CM community and part of the SAE G-33 committee.
David Hetherington
David Hetherington is a Principal at SSI with over thirty years of experience in Software and Systems Engineering in the Automotive, Semiconductor, Oil and Gas, Enterprise IT, Server Computer, Telecommunications, and Electronic Publishing sectors. David has experience in automotive radar design, software safety for offshore oil rigs, infotainment software design, and ISO 26262 functional safety for automotive “System on Chip” products. David is the author of the SysML for Beginners book series and speaks both Japanese and German fluently. David received a BA in Mathematics from the University of California San Diego and an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.
Aleksander Przybylo
Aleksander Przybylo is part of the Enterprise MBSE implementation team at Boeing, where he leads configuration management and data analytics strategies and implementation. He holds master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal and in Computer Science from University of Washington.