Practical Systems Engineering: Principles and Methods for Success


David Long (Blue Holon)

Tutorial: 9
When: Sat 15, Jul 08:00-17:00 HST
Where: 313C
Keywords: Fundamentals Requirements analysis Systems architecture MBSE Digital Engineering
Topics: 2.3. Needs and Requirements Definition 2.4. System Architecture/Design Definition 5.3. MBSE & Digital Engineering
Abstract: “I know how to draw the diagrams” … “we’ve defined our requirements” … “I applied the processes” … “we have selected a tool” … “it’s all checklists, documents, and overhead.” Systems engineering is a rich practice leveraging an evolving set of processes, methods, and tools to address problems complicated and complex. With this richness, it is easy to become lost in nuance, details, and disconnected processes. In reality, the path to systems engineering success lies in perspective, the big picture, and integration. This tutorial demonstrates a practical approach to foundational principles and methods of systems engineering within a framework for overall project success. We focus on both understanding the problem and defining the solution as we address requirements, behavior, architecture, and V&V. Rather than treating these in isolation, the fundamentals are positioned within a flexible systems engineering framework suitable for system development tasks across the complexity spectrum. Our focus will be on eliciting the right requirements, understanding the problem and solution, enhancing communication amongst the design team and the stakeholders, and satisfying the system need, all underpinned by a model-based approach. Through discussions of the fundamental concepts integrated with sample exercises, we will maintain our focus upon the true deliverables – the system itself and overall project success. Note: This proposal is for a one-day tutorial. The tutorial can be extended to a two-day workshop where the fundamental scope remains the same, and concepts are addressed to a greater depth (while still maintaining a focus on fundamentals) as attendees work a sample problem threaded throughout. The tutorial can also be scaled down to a half-day session with a reduced outline focused on the introduction and practical walkthrough though this option is not preferred.
David Long
: David has spent over 30 years helping organizations assess, adopt, and deploy methods to increase their systems engineering proficiency while simultaneously working to advance the state of the art. David founded and led Vitech where he developed innovative, industry-leading methods and software to engineer next-generation systems. Today, he is the Chief Engineer for Digital Engineering at the Systems Engineering Research Center working to coordinate and advance their digital portfolio. He co-authored A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering and frequently delivers keynotes and workshops around the world.

An INCOSE Fellow and Expert Systems Engineering Professional, David was the 2014/2015 President of INCOSE. David currently serves as INCOSE’s Director for Strategic Integration and as a coach in INCOSE's Technical Leadership Institute.