Agile Systems Engineering – Eight Core Aspects

8.4.1: Agile Systems Engineering

Session Chair: Thomas Manley

Rick Dove (unaffiliated)

Kerry Lunney (Thales Group)
Michael Orosz (University of Southern California)
Michael Yokell (Raytheon)

Paper: 69
When: Wed 19, Jul 13:30-14:10 HST
Where: 313C
Keywords: agile systems engineering situational awareness iterative incremental development common mission teaming
Topics: 2. Aerospace 3. Automotive 5.1. Agile Systems Engineering 6. Defense
Abstract: INCOSE’s Vision 2035 calls for action on nine system engineering challenges. The purpose of this paper is to addresses one of those challenges directly: “Systems engineering anticipates and effectively responds to an increasingly dynamic and uncertain environment.” This paper addresses that challenge by identifying the need and behavior of eight core aspects for a basic comprehensive solution and provides some examples of those aspects in operation.