Shifting the Paradigm from Lessons Learned to Lessons Applied through Digitally Enabled Transformation

2.6.1: Digital Engineering

Session Chair: Nicole Hutchison

Paul Wach (Aerospace Corp.)

Mathew Koziol, Donald Wittenberg, Karson Sandman (Aerospace Corp.)
Paul Wach (Virginia Tech)

Paper: 93
When: Mon 17, Jul 13:30-14:10 HST
Where: 316B
Keywords: lessons learned lessons applied digital engineering digital transformation
Topics: 3.5. Technical Leadership 3.9. Risk and Opportunity Management 9. Enterprise SE (organization, policies, knowledge, etc.)
Abstract: Lessons learned are generally documented with limited review until the next policy driven decision point. Additionally, the lessons learned are frequently documented in disparate data sources, such as individual computers. This passive, disconnected approach is an example of current processes that are desired to be overcome as an outcome of the digital transformation. Our customer defined a task to deliver proof of active lessons management, for which we selected to incorporate digital paradigm principals. To deliver the capability, we re-envisioned the passive lessons learned as active lesson applied, developed an underlying methodology, and are evolving a digital ecosystem for implementing the lessons applied methodology. This article serves to provide documentation of our lessons applied methodology and the supporting digital infrastructure.