MBSE Keynote: "A Decade of Digital Engineering Research, Insights Past and Future from the Systems Engineering Research Center"

Tom MCDermott

MBSE Workshop: 2
When: Sat 27, Jan 11:00-12:00 PST
Where: Salon DE
Meeting listing: Hybrid session and Available for Replay
Highlights for this year’s MBSE Workshop:  

Day 1: During our last INCOSE Symposium MBSE Lightning Round, Dr. Tom McDermott provided insights Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) progress in Digital Engineering (DE) with some interesting insights that his 18 min time limit didn’t provide time to share the details.  We’ve asked Dr. McDermott to come back and keynote/kickoff the MBSE Workshop with those details in hopes it will set the mood to address a variety of issues impeding our progress in implementing MBSE in our organizations.  

After a break we will have our Working Group Round Robin where various working groups sharing their MBSE related progress, followed by an update on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Lab, and wrap up with an MBSE Open Forum. This forum will allow open Q&A exchange on MBSE concerns, lessons learned, and advice from experts on various MBSE topics to share their knowledge and experience.  

Day 2: will include an all-day SysML v2 Transition workshop intended to assist organizations and practitioners in their transition from SysML v1 to SysML v2.  With the imminent release of the SysML v2 standard the timing of this workshop is perfect to provide information on implementing the new system modeling standard.

Sunday evening is our MBSE Social with includes the coveted Propeller Hat Awards for this year.

On Monday & Tuesday are many MBSE related working groups (NAFEMS, SE Tools Database, MoSSEC, OOSEM, and many others) you may want to participate in.  Inside the workshop app or online web agenda, select “MBSE Workshop” under the "Filter by topic" to see MBSE related content in the IW program.  Given so many things going on in parallel during the MBSE Workshop, we apologize in advance that you can’t attend them all.  Some of the sessions will be recorded for future playback.

--MBSE Initiative Team

Digital engineering is updating traditional
systems engineering practice to take advantage of computational technology,
modeling, analytics, and data sciences.  For the past ten years, the
Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) has had a broad research program
addressing the many opportunities and potential outcomes of the Digital
Engineering (DE) transformation of systems engineering. Broadly this research
has covered the enabling digital technologies that are changing how companies
do engineering and their approaches to use models for customer engagement and
engineering analysis. More narrowly the research analyzed and prototyped new
concepts of operation for systems engineering, use of model-based engineering
(MBE) to streamline and improve the quality of engineering processes, and the
emerging data and model infrastructures. In the process, the research
benchmarked DE maturity across government and industry, identified means to
measure progress and value, and created new competency models. In addition, the
research explored the opportunities to use DE to increase development speed,
improve system safety and security, and take advantage of emerging artificial
intelligence technologies. The presentation will summarize what we have learned
from the research and offer new insight on how DE might further change the
future of SE.